Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Conversions and Maneuvers

Painting up some Airfix Guards ( Thanks Ross)as Lurland/Danish foot guard  for my winter scenario last night combined with the images from my last post reminded me of an idea I had wanted to do for ages...
to game something with the feel of Little Wars and Edwardian field  maneuvers.This I feel I could do with Ross's Square Brigadier Rules and some Airfix/plastic chaps on a card table. I want to field Guards,Household Cavalry as well as units like the as well as Yeomanry and Territorial chaps including cyclists.An Edwardian Splendour indeed - Britains in 1/72 and plastic is the look I am after.Any suggestions for figures/conversions?


  1. The cyclist in the Airfix RAF set would make a nice Volunteer cyclist for this period. I also think that the French Cuirassiers could be converted to the Household cavalry.

  2. I forgot to mention Airfix Union ACW figures for Volunteer rifles units. And if you can get some Airfix Confederates with the hats turned up on the sides they could pass for Yeomanry on foot.

  3. Hat has released some cyclists recently. They might be worth a look.

  4. I once (many years ago) converted Aitfix ACW cavalry to British by changing heads for Airfix WW1 infantry. Very trdious. Many yeomanry units wore the 'flat hat' and standard jacket for general use, dress uniform in later years, was only worn by the officers or wealthy, as it was too expensive.
    ps, I may have some Airfix bits in a biscuit tin, if any use for experiments.