Thursday 10 April 2014

Froundian thoughts

I was given this book as a present by friends in 1986.-
It has been on my shelves in all my houses since.I have always liked the art of Brian Froud and his whimsical drawings. Recently I started a thread re this on Lead Adventures-
which some of you might enjoy...
Here is an example of Brian Froud's style from the above book-
I hope to do some skirmish gaming with such a whimsical feel soon. The idea (so far) is to take a band of goblins (who have been made redundant by some evil sorcerer and have lost their job as dungeon/maze/labyrinth guards) and follow their adventures in the world at large.I imagine them to be rather demoralised and not really too nasty.Let's see where this gets us...


  1. Good artwork. Your gaming should be interesting. The co-author, is that the Monty Python Terry Jones?

  2. It is indeed one and the same esteemed Pythoneer/Historian..

  3. Excellent project. I remember when the film came out I was desperate to get figures resembling all the goblins...... 28 years later or so they are available!

  4. Oh, I love the Frouds' artwork!
    That's a brilliant idea, too - your band of goblins. You could have a lot of fun with that!