Saturday, 12 April 2014


Visitors to this blog may have noted that this was the state of the Ducal gardens in February-
Here is a picture of how they are now-as a result of much work by Jan & and myself over the intervening weeks-
Raised beds added,stones laid down to form a path and our Oak tree placed in a basket at the centre.The next photo is looking the opposite way-

Next steps are to buy the vegetable seeds,plant them,watch them grow,tend them and wait for the harvest...


  1. Wonderful work. The beds and fence go really well with the new extension and garage. Is that a straightforward English (or Scottish ) oak in there? Great idea to have a portable shade canopy.

  2. You have a nice set-up there, Alan. The wicker pot for the sapling is a neat idea.

  3. Good work Alan and Jan.

    Developing nicely!

  4. Very nice and pleasant spot for sunny days... And it seems I'm not alone in seeing the military possibilities... :-)

  5. Wow, that's quite a difference! Looks great!

  6. Very nice work !

    Will be nice to see some pictures later in the summer.

    Best regards Michael