Sunday, 27 April 2014

Military cycling- 26th Middlesex cyclists

For some time now I have been fascinated by the early day of military cycling especially the 26th Middlesex cyclists as pictured above. Here are some more pictures-

I have become interested in the arguements pro and con their useage in the warfare of the time and such manouvers as those held in Sussex  August 1900. I fancy giving the arguements a go using The 19th Century Square Brigadier rules and some 1/72 figures.Anyone got ideas/available  figures for me to form a few cycle units?


  1. I believe that Switzerland still has army units that use mountain bikes. I remember reading a newspaper article about them several years ago (or maybe a few dozen years ago -- as I get old a lot of "past time" stuff tends to merge together).

    Anyway you might do a search about the Swiss using bicycles. They have good reasons for them, one of which is their silence compared to motorized vehicles.

    -- Jeff

    1. Jeff,good to hear from you.
      The Swiss phased their cyclists out by 2003 sadly I think and incidentally had cavalry until around 1972!

  2. The cyclist in the Airfix RAF set would make a nice Volunteer cyclist for this period. I also think that the French Cuirassiers could be converted to the Household cavalry.


    jhnptrqn15 April 2014 02:30
    I forgot to mention Airfix Union ACW figures for Volunteer rifles units. And if you can get some Airfix Confederates with the hats turned up on the sides they could pass for Yeomanry on foot.

    I forgot to add people's ideas to the post so I shall leave them here instead...
    Conrad Kinch15 April 2014 04:07
    Hat has released some cyclists recently. They might be worth a look.


    joppy15 April 2014 11:12
    I once (many years ago) converted Aitfix ACW cavalry to British by changing heads for Airfix WW1 infantry. Very trdious. Many yeomanry units wore the 'flat hat' and standard jacket for general use, dress uniform in later years, was only worn by the officers or wealthy, as it was too expensive.
    ps, I may have some Airfix bits in a biscuit tin, if any use for experiments.