Thursday, 17 April 2014

Everyone's (well some) are talking about...

There has been some discussion over at Emperor v Elector recently about 18th Century imaginations interacting -
When I began blogging around 7/8 years ago this blog was solely concerned with 18th century imagineering and gaming.Involvement with a Jacobite invasion amongst other conceits were splendid fun.The blog changed course  a little as  I have strayed off into all types of gaming here and don't regret t one little bit.I have had great fun and "met" so many splendid chaps in the Ether- it has been a ball!

It has left me with a desire to interact once more with other imaginations in the 18th century (and other periods too I might add) with increased vigour. Exchange of ambassadors,generals,map  campaigns etc seem to be a fun idea- so who wants to take part?I already have some "guests" who need to be located in the lead mountain,dusted off and brought into play...
Let me know what you think...


  1. Humperstein is a pond of calm towards the end of the 18th century at the moment. Real life has taken precedence and the mountain remains unpainted. The mid 19th century, however, has the seeds of war planted. Who knows what will grow?
    At the moment, with the good weather we're having, the railway in the shed is getting the attention.

  2. The Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg has been quiet of late, although the war against the nefarious Margrave rumbles on. An exchange of ambassadors would be welcome at a later date. Dispatches will be sent in the fullness of time.

  3. Likewise The Margraviate of Trompenburg sends greetings to Tradgardland. The ambassador is preparing to travel (ie. being undercoated) and will hopefully be despatched soon with the latest garden designs for the Duke to peruse.