Wednesday 30 April 2014

Wee wants list

Thanks to those who gave me ideas for my 1/72 side project-
I'm after  6 Airfix curassier, some slouch hat confederates,some ww1 German inf ( Airfix to convert to Brit inf) , 3 RAF airfix cyclistsand some Airfix Guards. I am open to ideas too.If anyone can help I would be delighted and more than willing to pay for figures and postage.


  1. 12 Cuirassiers in post tomorrow. I'm sending extras as you may get breakages. While I was sorting these out I threw away as many (broken horses legs, swords, etc.) as the plastic has gone brittle. Also sending some hussars in case they're any use.

  2. I really am completely helpless when it comes to computer. If I could contact you and get your address I have some Airfix Guards and spare Airfix Confederates that I could send you. I might have an Airfix RAF cyclist too, but would have to dig around for him.

  3. I have some WW1 Germans spare - which particular poses are you after (though I will warn you that some of them may have gone brittle as they probably date back to when Airfix first released those figures!)