Friday, 26 June 2020

Prince August Compatibility question ...

I have been interested in these Irregular Miniatures 42mm quarter flats for ages. I wondered about their compatibility to fight in games with the P.A semi flats. As I was ordering some highlanders ( a story for another day) I got a single French Infantry figure ( from the syw in America range) to have a look at. I really like the look of him but wonder if he would work alongside the Prince August ones. Here are some comparison photos. Remember I don’t want to mix them in the same unit just have them in the same game. Let me know what you think.


  1. Laid out in disparate units, I don't think the difference would be all that noticeable.

  2. Too different for me. Unless the ranges offered figures you can't get in the other I would stick to one range.
    However if you are tempted, why not have the larger figures kneeling and the smaller standing which may trick the eye into seeing them as closer in size.

  3. Double basing might bring one up to the shoulders of the other. Men vary in stature.

    In the Forest Indians versus Redcoats games I have run recently, the Redcoats are about 42mm smaller scale Pound Store plastics versus a mix of 54mm Britain's Hollowcast Indians and slightly smaller fifty mm other makers hollow-cast. I'm not sure if it was that that noticeable? Obviously in North Gondal the Indians grow up mighty tall and strong like the forest trees they fight to protect.
    See photos here and in other photos in other skirmishes

    Cool ruler by the way Mr G. but why am I hallucinating Moomins?

    1. Good advice. Ruler was a gift and very useful. Don't worry you are not hallucinating, you are merely seeing a reflection in the hob top. I think your explanation was more interesting though.

  4. I would put him on a thicker base and he would look okay in a separate unit I think .

  5. Hi Alan- I do not know...ever since being a young chap I've always had it in my mind never to mix the makes of soldiers - always AIRFIX to the exclusion of all else...something which I've practiced all the way up to now- my latest arrivals of Hobbits and Goblins all come from the one manufacturer and this pleases me greatly- they are the one make. If a range of figures does not have exactly the types I require in Troops and variety- I simply do not buy the range. Hope this helps. Cheers. KEV.