Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Eric’s Ottomans: the Janissaries

 Been working on the Minifigs figures today. I got a 1978 Funcken out for reference. I got the Renaissance volume in French and it has been on my shelves ever since I bought it in the Toy Tub Edinburgh. Figures moving forward...


  1. That illustration is inspiring. I’ve been thinking about doing an Ottoman army for a very long time. A different type of opponent got my 18th century Austrians.

    1. I think 18th Century Austrians deserve a chance to take on Ottomans or Tartars. After all it was what they trained and prepared for as well as the Prussian menace. Ottomans provide an entirely different tactical challenge.

  2. Wha a colourful lot!
    Aha - The curse of the French Funckens - my schoolboy French was just not quite good enough to translate the text and I'm not sure my French teachers had the time or specialist military vocabulary to help.
    Now we have online translation services for a rough and ready job

  3. My school boy French was nor is up to the job. They are a colourful lot. Eric’s figures in many ways tend towards an earlier period than the mid 18th Century but that in some ways adds to their charm rather than diminishing it.