Sunday, 3 January 2021

There is trouble in the forest

 There is trouble in the forest in Maple Leaf Country. It is winter and reports have come in to the high command that rebel forces are gathering in a winter camp beyond the Celine Dion forest. Some light infantry and highlanders have been hastily assembled to see what is happening- h

Above we see the troops setting out and the officers receiving their briefing. Below we see the enormity of the forest where it is necessary to keep to the path and not leave it otherwise their is a chance of getting lost or worse

. The game is of ambushes controlled  by dice. Each move the government troops make a dice is thrown and some rebels place on the table randomly. The number and position  selected by dice throws. Line of sight ( except for along the path is limited to adjacent squares with a further chance  enemy may be heard.. 




  1. I bet the AAR is interesting.

  2. Looks fun! Lots of Red Coats go in, how many will come out?

  3. Le Bois Celine Dionne is probably an annoying musical place...even for for the hardened Quebeckers. Remind me sometime to email you the John the OFM (tm) Patented Poker Chip Blind Movement System for Ambuscades.

    I use it in all my finer War of 1812 and French and Indian War games...

    Can't wait to see how this action in Canuckistan plays out...


    1. No doubt the name was chosen in hopes it would scare away intruders :).

      Still, looks like it could be a fun little scramble in the snow.

    2. That system sounds really useful Eric, I would like to see that.
      The wood may feature again...

  4. The setup reminds me of a bit of a convention game I ran some years ago: a column had to travel along a route, drawing cards each turn, and see what happens. It was also published in Miniature Wargames, but you can also see it here: