Monday 27 June 2022

And now over to our highland correspondent Ronnie-

 The Battle Of McHookie’s Croft 

(With apologies to H G Wells)


Morag McHookie had lived on the croft all her life. Since time immemorial, it had been known as Donald McDonald’s Croft after her late father and his father afore him, and his father afore him and.....well you know how it goes.

But one hot August night  Morag entered into a common law marriage with Genghis McHookie, a (self proclaimed)successful travelling clod salesman.  

Unfortunately Genghis had to leave Morag in the early hours of the following morning to attend an important meeting; after all, he was a very busy man. But Morag diligently  commenced hernew spousal duties

To many she was the perfect wife. She doted over the croft’s animals, grew potatoes (which were golden and wonderful) andkept a clean and tidy house. Yet every evening she found time to have Genghis’s dinner on the table ready for his return fromworkAnd even though he’d failed to appear even once during the seventeen years since their marriage she kept faith that one day he would; he was ,of course,  a very busy man.

To others, her heid was full of mince.

But Morag liked life to be quiet and predictable without interference from strangers 

Which was just as well, because life on the croft was quiet and predictable and the presence of a stranger was.......well, strange. 

Till the day the Redcoats came. 

And the Highlanders. 

And the Lowlanders. 

And the French. 

And the Irish (who wanted to be French but didn’t have the onions).

Oh, and a coach load from Manchester!

The Players

Government Forces 

(Fat Boy) Cumberland 

(Hangman) Hawley

3rd Foot                                                  30 figures 

13th Foot                                                30 figures  

14th Foot                                                30 figures 

21st Foot                                                30 figures 

25th Foot                                                30 figures 

Detachment of 43rd  Foot                   16 figures 

Kerrs Dragoons                                     15 figures Georgia Scouts                                        8 figures 

One 6pr gun

One 3pr gun

One Mortar


Jacobite Forces

His Most Glorious Excellency The Prince Charles Edward Stuart 

(Dodgy George) Murray

MacDonald of Clanranald                  20 figures 

MacDonald of Keppoch                      20 figures    

MacDonnell of Glengarry                   20 figures  

Lewis Gordon                                       18 figures

Farquarsons                                          30 figures

Royal Ecossois                                      3o figures 

Irish Brigade                                        12 figures  

Manchester Regiment                       18 figures

Prince’s Lifeguard                               10 figures 

Fitzjames Horse                                     4 figures 

Bagots Hussars                                      4 figures 

One 4pr Swedish gun (French crew)

One 3pr

One mortar (for fun)

The above was written by Ronnie as a backstory for our forthcoming game today. He has graciously agreed to write an after action account of the battle which will appear sometime later on the pages of this illustrious blog. The die is cast or will be later today! 

P.S Apologies to Ronnie and other readers for the white rectangle. It is not a picture of the surrender flag from one of the armies but a technical issue of my own making and ignorance.


  1. A great opening introduction. Looking forward to this battle. Both armies look magnificent.

    1. It was great fun to play , more info coming. Ronnie’s collection is lovely.
      Alan Tradgardland

  2. Looking forward to seeing the battle report, cracking looking armies too!

    1. I am sure you will enjoy reading it. I am resisting posting teaser photos I took.
      Alan Tradgardland

  3. Excited for the battle report!!! Hopefully the targe and broadsword wet the fields well with Redcoat blood! I love those figures, they’re so dashing.

    1. Dashing indeed. I am sworn to secrecy about what happened that day on that forgotten corner of Scotland.
      Alan Tradgardland

  4. It was terrific fun.
    Alan Tradgardland