Wednesday 15 June 2022

Pen etc.

 Folk were asking about the pen I used to line the semi flats in the previous photo. Here it is-

I don’t know it’s provenance as it was one of my daughters who got it and left it lying about . I use it after painting but before the first coat of varnish, leaving it some time to dry. I have also successfully used it after the first coat of varnish but before the second. When using new paints or varnish I always experiment just to see how non runny it is, saves time in the long run.

Yesterday saw me helping out at a school trip for the first time since 2019. We didn’t go far but it was a lovely day enjoyed by all. I was on Loch beach patrol and watched in fascination at the artistry and civil engineering put in by the children to create such wonders as this-

Finally, although busy over the coming days, I am am of a mind to sort the below, clear the battlefield and set up a game. The dumping ground needs to be used for far more interesting things. I enjoy having a solo game on the go, leaving it, looking, pondering and then playing the next move…


  1. Thanks for the info. I actually, sometimes use those pens for drawing. (I have a blog for the drawings - Joc's Cartoons).

    As for the engineering on the beach, i remember when my very young daughter made a little rock wall to 'hold back' the tide. I encouraged her by saying it was The great Wall of China to keep out the Mongols. or, in this case, the sea. It was just as hopeless against the sea as the original was against the Mongols.

    1. My pleasure,great story.

  2. That and similar pens are great for adding linework or for dotting eyes and such on minis.
    The student engineering works looks fun.
    I know what you mean about "dumping grounds". So easy to get things cluttered up, but then you have to do some clearing to make use of the space for something better.

  3. Still endeavouring to remove the last few items…