Wednesday 5 October 2022

A third force , work in progress

 My third force is coming along very nicely. They are depicted in a variety of uniforms, including helmets etc collected off the battlefield or bought otherwise. These include Ostmerk and Morava items. They represent militia probably from an agrarian national peasants political party.

Note antiquated cannon and a high incidence of lmg/hmg due to equipment been removed from a local army arsenal.

The big problem is coming up with a name. I had come up with Banat of Transflumen but realised it was a long winded name to say the least. I am still thinking…


  1. I googled 'imaginary countries from literature' for my names

  2. Principality of Bluviska ?

  3. I have a Banat of Samovar in one of my Imaginary worlds - really a protectorate of the 18th century Empire of Trockenbeeren-Auslese. I would have no objection - would be pretty pleased, actually - if you would consider using that name.

  4. Coming along nicely.
    I like Banat of Transflumen.
    B.O.T. You just call them "bots" or roBOTniks".
    Or just use B.T. and make lots of telecomunications puns and references?
    I get silly with made up names like that...

  5. A nice looking third force, I like the idea of mixed uniforms, helmets etc, it adds to their back story. No help with the name though, I tend to be pretty useless at this!

  6. Bogosia. From "Borogozit" - to roughhouse. Zagoria - beyond the mountains. Ugoria - near the mountains (Ugrian - the name of the ancestors of the Hungarians in Russian)

  7. Will they have simple armbands as a militia? LDV style?

  8. How about sticking with your Agrarian National Peasants People’s Party or ANPPP Militia?
    George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia is full of such abbreviations of the initialled rivals, usually left wing militias shooting up their rivals on their own side. It saved the Nationalist right wing fascists the ammunition.
    Very practical though, snappy initials for adorning your own hand made banners and daubed on ersatz armoured cars and lorries.
    All very People’s Front Of Judea PFJ or was that the Judean People’s Front? (Splitters!)

  9. Thye really are very attractive figures with lots of scope for colour variation.