Saturday 8 October 2022


 Yesterday saw me commanding fifteenth century Burgundians against English in a game. Played at a leisurely pace allowing  much chat and coffee it was an enjoyable day. I made a faux pas by describing mounted crossbow men as such rather than calling them light horse thus confusing my ally. He is more interested in the game than the history and I tend the opposite. Not well put at all but you may know what I mean. A couple of photos-

The game will be finished next week. On my return the postman had brought the long awaited volume three of the Napoleonic Danish Army trilogy. Well worth the wait for it contained not only an excellent coverage of the Norwegian army but also milita uniform and information l had never seen in my life before. Units which were only a line or two in notes and books to me are fleshed out in words and pictures in this new volume. Absolutely fascinating, well worth the wait. As one who fell in love with Denmark over thirty years ago this is a truly rich find.


  1. It's always tricky getting that history/game balance right. Looks good... what rules do you use?

    1. I know what you mean. I didn’t express myself well. My fellow commander in the game sees the figures as gaming counters with stats ( like in a board wargame) whereas I am inclined to see them as toy soldiers and their real life counterparts. So l think Ordonnance heavy armoured knights and he sees Kn (O) as per game definitions. Still not expressed it well.
      We use DBM. We always used wrg 6th edition in the past ,missed 7th and came to dbm via DBA. And so we have carried on… they work well, we know them pretty well and just cannot bear learning a new set.
      Alan Tradgardland

    2. I'm with you on how I see the figures. I could never get to grips with DBM, although I liked DBA. I still have fond memories of WRG 6th

  2. Good looking game. Mediaevals always impress; all that heraldry!