Sunday, 23 October 2022

Hearts of Oak

 I have been very kindly offered a bag of thirty Old Glory Jack Tars-

They look nicely animated and full of potential…

Having said a grateful thanks to B who offered them to me I am now looking for interesting ideas of  how to use them in terms of scenarios, rules and armies.

Finally a couple of interesting photos I took en route to my course on Thursday-

I have been in the museum plenty times before but hadn’t seen the above.


  1. Nice figures. I wonder if they do Napoleonic sailors? That armour looks somewhat itchy!

    1. They are, not sure, very much so!
      Alan Tradgardland

  2. A very generous gift - these OG figures are rather nice, and useful in many a 19th century colonial setting. I have them in my colonial collection, last seen here on parade
    and also in the preceding post re a recent game based in the Sudan

  3. I will pop by for a look…
    Alan Tradgardland