Friday 7 October 2022

Winter Wednesday

 Wednesday saw me commanding the Finns in 1940 against Russian invasion. G and I managed to play four turns prior to recording the counter postions etc using a video taken with an iPad before putting the game away.This has worked very well before. 

Finns are on the back foot in the south but things are better in the north. We shall see what happens…
G brought along “ Atlantic Wall: D day to Falaise” for me to have a look at. The maps are spectacular and the detail manageable. We intend to try scenario one after we finish the current game.



  1. Looks like the Winter War game Jon. Finland seen from the south west corner (nearest the camera). Gulf of Bothnia to the left, Gulf of Finland at right angles to that. Lake Ladoga just beyond the big stack of units (on the Karelian Isthmus), White Sea in the north east. It's a bit puzzling at first because Finland was 'fatter' at the start of the war! The Neighbours decided that their country wasn't big enough for them.

    1. Thanks, Chris! Is this the DG remake of the 1972 S&T game?

    2. I believe it is, with updated map etc. My opponent has both the old and the new one.
      Alan Tradgardland