Friday 2 February 2024

How to get the Bavarians involved , hmmmm ?

 Been musing on this project again-

But how to get these fine Bavarian fellows involved-

Any suggestions? Original background idea below-

Been looking at Uniforms from Hannover and reading about Prince Adolphus. Wondered if there was a game in the Viceroy of Hannover going rogue and setting up himself as an independent king. My figures would do for Hanoverian and British forces without too much fudging. I am wondering about an expedition to Hannover to put down a potential usurped throne? Here are the prints and one of the Prince himself! As ever let me know what you think...


  1. There was a lot of unrest across Europe in 1830: the overthrow of Charles X in France, the Belgian revolt against the Netherlands and revolt in Poland against the Russians. Not unreasonable to speculate on unrest in Germany and various states assisting each other or coming to blows over obscure (=fictional) territorial claims.

  2. A thought indeed,
    Alan Tradgardland