Sunday 25 February 2024

Last Week’s Charge battle.

The Duke of Tradgardland and the Duke of Albion mustering their armies-

The initial disposition of the armies -

The armies advancing-

Tradgardlander forces advance over the hill and light troops guard the flank.
The Duke and his faithful hound steady the troops.
The Duke of Albion has some North Albion troops in his army, light infantry with sword , shield and musket.
A contested field , the subject of intense interest to both armies.
The Tradgardland troops take up postion near the bridge .
To be continued…


  1. It looks like an epic encounter is in the offing. Is the terrain based on "action" in "The Wargame"? It reminded me of it.
    Is it too cheeky to suggest that the flags would look better with their edges painted over? I confess I have at least one set that needs doing. I recently read on someone's blog that they paint the edges of the inside of the flag before gluing them together. I intend to try that on the next flags I put together and those may be the one's you encouraged me to have a go at during yesterday's VWC meeting. [Virtual Wargames Club]. I'm not fully decided but you've definitiely nudged me in that direction.

    1. Interesting re flags, I may well give it a go. I am pleased to have nudged you on such an interesting direction…
      Alan Tradgardland

  2. Many thanks.
    Alan Tradgardland