Wednesday 15 May 2024

What are these?

 Been to the shed to find some German armour for a game tomorrow. Found these . Can anyone identify them? 

Btw l am interested in what tank they represent not the kit maker so l can find the appropriate stats…
Thanks in anticipation.


  1. Top to bottom : Brumbar, Stug III, Hetzer. Stug has lost its gun barrel.

  2. left to right : Brumbar, Stug III with missing 75mm barrel, Jagpanzer 38(t) - Hetzer.

  3. The StuG III you could transform into a StuH 42 with a 10.5cm howitzer instead of the standard 7.5cm StuK40 anti-tank gun. The howitzer need not include the muzzle brake, so it would be a simple adaptation.

    Not a bad little battlegroup for urban fighting...

  4. Like the Hetzer. One of my favourite tanks. The StuG looks like the Airfix kit of the late model with the 'pig's head' mantlet - Sau-something...

  5. Saukopf. Which I don't think was used for the StuH 42, unfortunately.

  6. Thanks everyone for their help in identifying my tanks.
    Alan Tradgardland