Sunday, 30 November 2008


Today marks the start of Advent- a time when Christians prepare to be ready to celebrate Christ's birth at Christmas. Time too for me to get my priorities right as well . A time to reflect,for me, on ancient words,well loved lyrics and carols too. The words to "Of the father's love begotten .." are centuries old yet speak across the centuries so much to me.

On the hobby front I had hoped to get more painting done than I did .However I have found an interesting command figure which I did a simple conversion on with a change of head attire facilitated by scalpel blade. I enjoyed watching "Time bandits " with my daughters yesterday - a much underrated film I feel. It conjours up atmospheres beautifully and is always inventive and surprising...
I have got my Christmas present ordered from the family - "The Wargame Companion" and look forward to reading it over the holidays . I trust you all had a good weekend too. I bet you were glued to Stokes's fantastic game too - inspiration in abundance

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