Monday 3 November 2008

Further Winter plans...

At the weekend I told you of my plans re Napoleonics and 16th Century Reivers. I also said how I wished to continue building up the forces of Tradgardland. Much thought was given to all this whilst travelling on trains to and from work , as well as whilst washing up after tea tonight. I feel I just don't fancy using my Austrians to invade the Duchy from the Austrian Netherlands again. However I would like the Tradgardlanders to have an opponent...
Oh no,I hear you cry, he's off imaginationing ( if that be the word)again! Well I am afraid you are right in what you have thought.
I have taken, as my stimulus, a flag I designed recently for a as yet unknown regiment from a as yet unknown country.In the far off recesses of my mind there is the seed of an idea germinating- a small Duchy upon the periphery of Tradgardland.Of course we are all aware of the Tardis like nature of the borders of Tradgardland - in other words small duchies can be contained without affecting our map or anyone else! I will see where the idea takes me - I will think some more upon the matter and will let you know where my thoughts go. Now let me see this Standard belongs to...


  1. I like that flag . . . and, of course, by changing the color of the cantons, you can change the regiment.

    -- Jeff

  2. Thus Skogsmork is no more? It was a worthy enemy, seemingly... Then, this flag is of course too good to be left unused...

  3. Obliviously, this will be a flag of some minor Baltic Power which is feeding on the scraps left by The Swedish madman ...

  4. You could join the ranks of Christondom in asaulting the Deylicate of Bizerrca.