Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A change of hat shape...

Oh no I have succumbed to the Bicorne!! I have thrown mine into the ring and committed to raising some Napoleonic French. To be particular- Massena's army of Portugal 1810 - 6th Corps,3rd Divison under Gen Loison !! I will tell you more when I get over the shock...


  1. A full course of Ciprofloxacin will clear that right up.

  2. 1810 sounds more like a Shako year, I believe. Is this 15mm or 25/28mm?

  3. Please be careful . . . it is reliably reported that the bicorne is Stagonian invention and that it leads to all sorts of vileness.

    Beware of the 'dark side' (aka "Napoleonics") which has devoured many a promising gamer . . . and they are seldom seen again.

    Resist this infernal (well Stagonian at least) lure . . . remember that a proper hat has three corners!

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein