Monday 24 November 2008

Williamsburg and Miffy

I had a comment posted by Jeff yesterday.
He wondered who the character modelled in snow by my daughter was. Here is a picture of Miffy . She is a rabbit featuring in charming books by Dick Bruna. He writes fantastic books with simple yet elegant words and pictures. Anna,my middle daughter, has been a fan for many.many years!
On an entirely different subject-I have found an interesting Blog about casting a cannon-I enclose the link

It is part of a website I really enjoy - Colonial Williamsburg. If you haven't had a look it is well worth looking for inspiration. I would be interested ,if any of you have been there, to hear your comments upon the place and the whole set -up there.


  1. Thanks for the Miffy explanation.

    -- Jeff

  2. I thought that the winter wonderland picture of Tradgardland looked familiar - Williamsburg!