Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Pigeon post 2

Another post by pigeon arrives.Out of breath and in a state of collapse the bird releases its note:----------My Dear Duke,The expected battle of the 8th instant at Carmugeon Castle did not occur. The Prince did not attack.Your Obt. Servant,von Bergmann.

Duke Karl Frederick finds a scrap of parchment and begins to write:
My Dear Von Bergmann,it is good to hear of your safety yet vexing that the long expected battle did not occur. Has the Prince gone into exile or is he planning so to do? Has he no longer service for your good self, your men and the Duc ?I await your answer with interest. All is well here in the Duchy and our friend in Saschen-Vindow works with haste.
God be with you ,Karl Frederick
The parchment is fixed to a pigeon's leg and it is sent heavenwards towards Edinburgh...

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