Saturday 1 November 2008

Winter plans ( at the moment at least!!!)

Well we went to the Kirriemuir show and saw some interesting games- a lovely Sudan game with Perry figs, a medieval siege of Orleans, 1796 French v Austrians to name but a few. The 1st 200 folk thru the door got a free figure- a highlander who will paint up a treat as a chief!

I didn't buy anything but some plans crystallised for the forthcoming winter...

My regular opponent,Phil , is going to paint up some 1807 Brits and I will paint up some Danes of the period. We will try and use BAR as a system rather than "In the grand Manner" which was one option.Units will be about 30 to 40 figs strong for the inf. As light relief we are looking at Border Reiver Skirmishing - small forces and we have suitable terrain already - tho I am tempted by a peel tower. Some reivers will be bought and sundry cattle and sheep...

I will also proceed with the forces of Tradgardland and will need to get some figures underway for Funnylittlewars in 54mmm. All in all I am pretty fired up with enthusiasm - more than I have been for ages. Let's hope that work related fatigue doesn't get in the way too much. Have a good weekend one and all!


  1. Merry prospects!
    For me, specially looking for more Tradgarlanders in tricorns, of course...

  2. If you want cattle and sheep, to save money check out the plastic/rubber figures that you can get at toy and dollar-type stores. Often you can find them in a scale that you can use for a fraction of the cost of metal figs.

    Then, of course, use the money saved to purchase tricorn troops.

    -- Jeff

  3. Sounds like some intriguing prospects. For me especially, the border reivers stuff.
    I understand about the "work fatigue" issues.

  4. Some interesting projects you have ahead, Alan. I have a copy of Border Reivers by George MacDonald-Fraser. Although a bit dry it does contain the whole history of the Border Clans, and it's a fascinating time. When the time comes, may your little metal men find "nothing too hot or too heavy!" ;)