Saturday 15 November 2008

First snowfall...

The first snows of winter have alighted upon Tradgardland. In the villages the people huddle by the fireside at night as the wolves prowl around the outside looking for food and shelter.

The first snows rarely last long, yet they provide a time to sit round of an evening and take stock of everything. A time to prioritise one's daily tasks, to bask in that which has gone well and banish the ghosts of the past.


  1. It is difficult for those of us who've grown up in modern well-lit times (and mostly at lower latitudes) to really appreciate what winters at higher latitudes without electricity were like.

    Long long periods of darkness often snowed in with no way of contacting anyone else . . . and strange sounds in the night . . . little to do but huddle in the dark and remember scary stories.

    I really appreciate your 'mood' posts that help remind us of what a different world we live in. Thanks.

    -- Jeff

  2. I agree, your vignettes do bring the atmosphere of the times alive. I've spent time under canvas in rural locations as part of a French-Indian War re-enactment group and it's a wholly different world.