Monday, 20 June 2011

Anyone one for Tennis- no not Wimbledon...

The annual tennis event has begun but I don't mean Wimbledon! I serve my Reports to Management and they return them for modification,I return them to management and the great rally commences! It is tiring and to what avail I often wonder. The rally will probably last all week.

On a positive front many thanks to Bob for spiffing info on how to build 2D hills- lots of arts and craft here in the Duchy I feel. Keep the girls busy in the run up to summer hols producing some hills I hope!

Thanks too to Fitzbadger for for his "We don't need no stinkin rules.." post I discovered/rediscovered yesterday which has inspired me to simplify my 18th century games with regard to rules and benefit tremendously by the process.The benefit will be in terms of fun and playability with no loss of any kind at all. I have my imaginary matchbox back to write my rules upon ready and waiting...

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  1. I used to have to write annual reports for my bosses about the Work Experience scheme that I ran (at the time the largest school-based one in London) ... but I always filled them full of statistics, graphs and charts (some of which were actually relevant), added lots of footnotes and appendices, and finished with a nice cover, contents page, and subject index. My colleagues hated me, but management loved my reports because they looked good. What none of them ever realised was that I created a template the first time I did it ... and just added the data and conclusions every year. It kept everyone happy ... and management off my back so that I could get on with my job!

    I wish it was like that now.

    All the best,


    PS. Good luck with your annual reports. Just remember, if they are sending them back for things to be changed, at least it means that they are reading them!