Saturday 4 June 2011

Wargstadt in the afternoon two days later...

The debating has been fierce, the oratory at times long winded and much has been heard and said over the intervening days. As this evening is the Vigil of the feast of St Wulfsten, the assembled Electors have decreed this be a day devoted to pleasure,gossiping and outdoor pursuits under the warm Umstrttental June sun...

Groups of Electors and their supporters can be seen hotly discussing matters upon the ornamental lake,in the park lands or even as they hunt together. There seems to be a parting of the Electors into two main factions- those who support the candidate favoured by the Imperium and those ( in stark opposition) who have gathered around the Syldavian Ambassador -those who look to the Duchy of Tradgardland for advice and council.

The day meanders on into the early evening and all make their way back towards the Summerhouse for the musical entertainment long anticipated. Just in sight of their destination the Electors chance upon a distraught and dust laden individual.He is dishevelled,blood stained and has the look of one who has seen too much. The figure remains incoherent and raves unabated, finally have swallowed enough brandy he lets out his tale- Ulric von Wargstadt has been shot and killed.As a gasp engulfs the gathering a group of figures bearing a improvised litter can be seen coming out of the trees...


  1. Wonder if the 'group of figures bearing a improvised litter' will carry him to safety or to ultimate silence?

  2. Had the Black Hand of Vile Stagonia (or the bloody hand of the Duchess: "All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand...") be creeping in the Disputed Valley?