Sunday, 26 June 2011

Louis the Spider and matters diverse...

Evening all! Family watching Coldplay on tv with end of meal cuppas so I thought I would post about today...

Jan and the girls completed the Race for Life ( see picture above...) in ok weather and without becoming too fatigued. A loud huzzah to all concerned!

I have managed to complete 10 elements of 15th century French Ordannance for DBM this weekend which have been lying partially completed for ages(Listened to Audio Commentary for Gladiator too which was interesting) they are to teach the army of Charles the Bold a lesson hopefully later this summer when the army is finished!

Back to work tomorrow and hols looming tantalisingly in the near future...


  1. Well done Jan and the girls.
    So worth supporting.
    Come on the rest of you blog readers... get on Jan's page and donate - I'm almost gonna slip into Bob Geldoff swearing mode here!
    Surely Alan's blogging entertainiment is worth putting some money into the fight against Cancer.
    I'm also in vocal mood tonite as ironically we have just had some bad news about a friend who passed away on Friday, without reaching 50.
    So forgive this outburst - but go and support.


    Here's the link again! Thanks Phil for your encouraging words...

  3. Blogger being a bounder again- can't add a link to Jan's fundraising page...
    If you would like to contribute see last Sunday's post for a hyperlink that works!