Sunday, 5 June 2011

No sunne and some sadness...

Essex Swiss hornblower with wine cork lead cloak and skis. The other figure is an old Citadel one I think from years ago.

No sunne yesterday or today (Sunday) and a drop of 10 degrees temperature since Friday! I'm too tired to do school reports and have had to leave them aside . Yesterday Petal the guinea pig suddenly took unwell and had to be taken to the vet. She was most helpful ,gave us medicine but offered not too positive a prognosis. We worked together to try and help Petal but she was in a sorry state last night. Over night she died and is now resting beneath an Acer tree in the garden. We have all grown very fond of her over the last ten months and poor Freya is devastated. A quiet day to recoup our energies is called for.

Tired ,after a bad night's sleep we all are having a quiet day. I got out the paints and tried to do a base for Basic Impetus with bicarbonate soda as snow. It depicts a 15th century group of scouts . I am reasonably pleased with the results...

P.S apologies for formatting just could'nt get it right today- well done for reading this far!


  1. Hi Alan

    Sorry for the loss.

    Glad to se thet you tryed out to make some scouts with skis.

    Which size are the baes? The minis look ok, have you tryed to uses some devland mud or army painte dip and them a quick highlight on the skinn, work real nice for me.

    How do you think the baking soda worked? might be nice to ad some fild gras to brake of all the white snow.

    Will you give any of the regular infatry skies to?

    Waht do you think about the book "Medieval Scandinavia" ? I haven´t reed it but I have just order it. The autour are/was? a professor at the Univeristu of Uppsala.

    Keep up the good work! It will be realy nice to follow the progress of this project.

    Best regards Dalauppror

  2. I fully understand and sympathize. I remember how badly I took the death of by daughter's dwarf rabbit: I *hate* to think how I'll feel if my little dog dies first / before me...

  3. Losing a pet is losing one of the family - my sympathy to you all.

  4. Nice work on the snow and skiers.
    Sorry about the loss of a pet.
    I would give you some of our sunne if I could. We seem to have an over-abundance of it. ha!