Sunday, 19 June 2011

Wee tables and diverse matters...

The weather proceeded to me very mixed in Tradgardland yesterday but could have be much worse. I did indeed go up town and found no suitable material for my hills. However I passed a charity shop , looked in the window and saw something useful -and was able to pick up three cheap diecast lorries/cars to serve as transport for my 1938 vbcw troops...

Later in the day I was able to do some work on them and also some on the accompanying figures belonging to the unit I am raising. It is commanded by Edward viii's cousin Rupert the Duke of Brunswick and contains estate workers and ww1 veterans out of sympathy with the current German regime. They are on British soil to support Edward against is foes in the vbcw...

On matters terrain I could not find a source of suitable thin wood for the hills yesterday. I love the idea of rolling green 2D hills for my gaming both 18th century and myriad other uses. I don't think balsa is tough enough and am wondering about card. As,ever, your ideas are sought!

Gaming on a wee table is a discipline/challenge which I find exciting - optimum fun to be derived from the space available. adding three dimensionality and faux features seems a good way forward and do please have a glance at Fitzbadger's comment to my last post. I think he is onto something and offers sage council. It is now Sunday at 7.45 am and I am off to give Jan a cup of tea before church. Next Sunday the girls and her will have an early start as they participate in the Cancer Research Race for Life- so some walking/training may be on the cards for them today.


  1. I have noticed you mention 2D terrain features. Are they the same as the sort of hills and mountains that used to feature on Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial Wargames Page? If so, I can say that I made mine out of thin plywood and balsa ... and they worked fine.

    I don't know if the Major General's website is still there (it experienced hosting problems in April). If it is not, and you would like to see how I made my hills, I will willing make the information available to you.

    All the best,


  2. Bob
    Can't seem to access The Major's page at all...
    Theses are indeed the sort of hills I am intending to have a go at making.
    I would be most pleased to have your advice on the matter.

    many thanks


  3. The Major's site has been down for a good while - shame, it was a great inspiration and resource.

  4. That's a sad thing if that site is down for good. Even though it was no longer being updated there was still plenty of inspiration and entertainment to be had from the existing material.

    I use thin mdf board when I make my 2D terrain (and 3D buildings, too), but foamboard/foamcore (the stuff with foam sandwiched between cardstock) would be a workable alternative.
    I cut out various shapes for the hills, glue blocks of wood wide enough to place figures on onto the backs of the hills, paint them up, and then glue 2 or 3 layers together, then glue it all to a base for added stability. I can post pics and instructions on my blog next time I make more.
    One thing I would be interested in is ideas on variable ground scale and other ways to compress space. 1 thought I had was simply add more time to moving onto or off of features or areas, or reduce movement rates; maybe figure in ranges, too. I think some of the 2 Hour Wargame rules treat different sectors of the table as if they are farther apart, so what happens in one sector may not affect stuff on another.