Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday in Tradgardland (so far)

Weekend at last! Woke at five, up five thirty as I couldn't get over again. I laid out my paints and figures for such an eventuality the night before but find myself too fatigued to put brush to lead. It is a funny thing but the tireder one gets the harder it is to sleep!

I thought I would post to diverse images instead- firstly Pumpkin the guinea pig with a straw filled sock-friend for company -recently made by Jan and Freya . Pumpkin is doing well and adjusting to solitary life ...

Secondly the partially completed Ratty from Musketeer miniatures. I could not resist painting him in blazer and cap from my old school - I think the blue and chocolate brown go rather well together don't you?

It is a rainy, dismal day here in Tradgardland. I will pop up town for shopping later en famlie or possibly alone - we shall see. I have a notion to have a go at some 2D ish hills a la Soweiter League and may pick up bits for that from the local model shoppe. Last weekend was filled with report writing and it is a joy not to have them to do this weekend.


  1. Morning Alan.
    Here in Teutonburg Fredonia, we wake even earlier! Must be the Fife weather today, but I woke before 4am! Decided best course of action was to read Tony Bath's campaign book and sundry other items ref campaigns which have collected on bedside table. Now, just back from early morning jog- too rainy to go far - and getting set for a day of brushwork and basing.
    have a great Saturday!

  2. You sound like you have reached that stage when your mind is more tired than your body. One craves sleep, but the other is just not in the mood.

    When I get like that (which is a lot less now that I am winding down towards the end of my career) I usually go and do something vigorous (which is not my style) that will tire my body out but not tax my brain. For example, trying to do something to control the ever-increasing Cherry Laurel hedge at the end of the garden. A few hours of that is enough to tire my body out so that it and my mind are in sync.

    What I don't do is try to do anything hobby-related, as I end up either making a mess of it or getting depressed that I cannot seem to get anywhere with what I am doing.

    Whatever course of action you take, in the end you will sleep a long and deep sleep, and you will emerge refreshed. That the time to have your paint etc. ready!

    All the best,


  3. Nice colors on "Ratty".
    I have plans to make a few more 2D hills and mountains, including a Dwarven mountain hall entrance, and maybe some greener hills for greener climes. I have also toyed with the idea of making some 2D "towns" and "forests", probably more for a bit of "color" at the table edge. But I've also thought maybe there could be some mechanism to compress ground scale when figures are operating in and around such features. My thinking is this could possibly be helpful for gaming on "smaller" tables. That and "scrolling terrain", which I have done in the past seem like a way around constrained table space and artificial battlefield edges. (not really new ideas, I think)

  4. I am most interested in your ideas fitzbadger...
    The link on your site to colonial site for further details as to construction so I will go it alone I fear!
    I too wargame on smallish tables/ spaces and like the sound of your scenic ideas. I have toyed with the idea of model railway panoramas too. The ideas of scrolling terrain ( reminds me of a youth show I once attended where skier stood still on stage and terrain ruhed by them- great fun) and scale changes are new to me too and very exciting...

    Bob thanks for the good council and concern I am most grateful.

    Phil- hope you lay in longer today and that basing went well yesterday too...