Monday, 29 July 2013

A question of scales...40mm/42mmm

I took this photo today of 40/42mm figures I have in the house.Left to right they are- the Danish figure from my previous post,a pre-painted viking from a Singapore company,an Irregular miniature,42mm and an Elastolin 40mm turk from my youth.
The Danish figure towers over the rest followed closely by the Singapore one.The Irregular chap is very slight even compared to the Elastolin one. I will have to think about just what figures I can get to work together...


  1. 40/42mm is a very elastic scale !

  2. Aren't they all?

  3. Alan,
    If some fellows will be in a horde, different sizes would be okay. Even in Fred II's Army he placed the tallest soldaten in the first rank - shorter ones in the two ranks behind. I think this would look odd but different size chaps in a horde would be a plus.
    In my Dervish horde of FWs I have almost every manufacturer of miniatures I could find from 25mm to 30mm. Seems to work here.
    Best wishes,

  4. I've been wondering what size those vikings were. Based on the Elastolin conversion I would say that they would be a good match for the Prince August homecast 40mm vikings and saxons but also suitable with Sash & Saber's vikings etc and Vanguard's Robin Hood range. Irregular tend to be, well, irregular so their vikings might be bulkier than the figure shown.