Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Parasol weather

Tuesday Morning...
It has been unseasonably hot here in the Duchy of late- much to our surprise and delight. Much of my days have been in the garden pottering,reading or just enjoying the sunne. I don't recall a summer like this for years!
On the hobby front  little has been done but-
I have bought a green felt cloth to game on at last.
I have started reading around an 18th century campaign( partly inspired to do so by a watercolour of a castle which was given to my late father and which we will hang here soon) with a view to using it on the tabletop.Two Osprey books on it are in the post as I write as well. I have assembled some forces for it from the Lead Mountain ( a work in progress) and I found some flagsheets still unused circa 1996 in a book too.I want the project to reuse current lead as much as possible to save expense from the Ducal Warchest.
I am working around Interewar gaming potentialities with my Swedes and a potential opponent- probably Norwegians. Anyone know section/company  organisation for them around 1930?
Off today en famile to the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh . Let the sunne shine on...
p.s will post piccies of finished kitchen extension soon


  1. In the Northern colonies not so much Parasol but more umbrella weather.

  2. In the American Colonies it's monsoon season. ;)

  3. In the Midlands is so blooming hot and lovely