Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Go with the flow & diverse matters

I have spent a couple of days going,or rather not.,with the flow & dealing with District Nurses ( all of whom have been excellent) possibly having to visit A&E and now the Doctor. To cut a long story short I am on antibiotics for a urinary infection and feeling a tad fed up.
My Interwar Norwegian conversions lie abandoned on the table  but are proceeding well. Hopefully I will pick up the challenge soon.
 As energy and enthusiasm allowed I have been reading around the '45 in general , a couple of superb Ospreys arrived - one on Cumberland's Army and one on the Jacobites themselves. As ever I am enchanted by the work of Gerry Embleton and his son (?) Steve especially the illustration of some litttle boys pretending to be Hessian troops whilst a yellow clad hussar looks on with a long pipe. My recent Duffy purchase has re-enchanted my enthusiasm for the 18th Century in all it's Baroque military wonderfulness. To read of Hessian hussars skirmishing around Dunkeld and other places I have visited,marching through towns where I have lived has all added to the fun. Prof Duffy has come up with another blinder of a book-don't miss it! The sunne has been a real tonic to morale here.Off for a wee seat and read...


  1. Take it easy - hope you are feeling a bit better soon , Tony

  2. I hope that your recovery is swift and complete. In the meantime, rest and enjoy yourself as best you can.

    All the best,


  3. Keep your pecker up old fellow. Small parcel in post to cheer you up. I believe it's a bit cooler up there? A bit too chaud here and am spending entire weeks with hosepipe in hand keeping all the plants alive. Hit 40 degrees on Saturday in the plant area of the Garden Centre.

  4. Take care, sir. And may the medications work their magic quickly and completely so that you may once again be your active self.

    In the meantime play some bagpipe music and dream of the '45. Think of how the Brits must have felt when they heard the skirl of the pipes coming from all directions as they moved through the fog.

    -- Jeff