Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Images of Tradgardland part 1

In my imagined mental landscape of the 18th century Duchy of Tradgardland I have been influenced by many images.An evocative picture has said as much to me as pages of prose .Today I found this image by Anna Maria Garthwaite.It is a late 17th century/18th century papercut-
Please click on the image to enlarge it for even better viewing.
To me it pretty well sums  up for me life in my imagination.It fact it could be the basis for tales told and games played.I love the detail and the little vignettes of life.I hope you enjoy seeing it too.
P.S Feeling a tad better today.We had an enjoyable trip to Perth and lunch out with the family.I am going to enjoy the fine weather with a Harry Sidebottom novel which has been in the "To read" pile for nearly a year


  1. That;s jolly nice. I'm guessing it's an arboretum as all the trees seem to be different and is that a palm tree? The topiarist is splendid too.

  2. Very nice picture.
    And good to hear you're feeling at least a tad better.