Monday, 22 July 2013

Mythical Earth Collection

This morning I laid out my painted and unpainted M.E figures on the table to see how the project was progressing- you can click on the pictures to enlarge them if you wish-
The Good and Evil forces mustered...
The Good guys including Ents and  Huorns  with a barrow wight at the top of screen...
Orcs, Dunlendings ,goblins and Uruk Hai on the march.
Various trolls ,Ringwraiths and wargs too.
So here we are,things moving along nicely.Room for a few more nostalgia laden recruits I think...


  1. Oh! seeing these figures takes me back 40 odd years, had quite a few of them and used a set of rules called-I think- 'Swords & Scorcery' ? . For some reason or other I used the figures from the Minifigs 'Alexander Nevsky' range for the goodies . All long gone now of course but thanks for the memories , Cheers Tony

  2. Looking good, and yes, buy loads more! There seem to be have been a lot on ebay recently (I picked up a couple of huorns for a good price). One of the best parts of the hobby, laying figures out and taking stock.

  3. Thanks there Alan as they look great and it has remembers me at I have some Lord of the Bases Orcs knocking about somewhere, the ones based on the animated film not the current workshop stuff

  4. Oh my, there are some memories. I remember trying to modify the nazgul so that he had a helmet on top of an "invisible" epoxy putty head.