Thursday, 4 July 2013

Into the depths

Yesterday the kitchen was finished and some work was started in the garden room.As part of the moving process I began to tackle the LEAD MOUNTAIN.
Here it is.Vauban fortification,samurai house and loads more emerged from the boxes.I began to sort the unpainted mountain into appropriate piles.The job has begun but will take some time.So far I have not come across my Mythical Earth Elven King ( although I did find a yellow painted hobbit circa 1976) or some treasures from my youth which I now feel for certain have gone.For example my 40mm  viking and roman Elastolins and my father's Dinky tanks AA gun etc.They have been lost/mislaid along the way. I did find some interesting figures-
I photographer them this morning.A old Garrison (?) peasant with scythe who will look great painted, a Citadel (?) knight who has had a kite shield glued on years ago and who looks brave with a splendid moustache, a bard (Ral Partha?) who is a lovely medieval figure complete with harp and finally an enchantress (?) from Ral Partha (?) who should paint up well too. IF you know better as ro the fantasy figures origins please let me know. They will be useful in some games of Song of Blades and Heroes I think...


  1. That knight does indeed have a very impressive moustache.

  2. Alan, I've been busy all week with doctors (and had minor surgery today to cap it) so I haven't had a chance to mail you the Giant yet.

    If there is anything else that you are searching for, email me . . . I too have a huge LEAD MOUNTAIN and might have what you need.

    But don't refer to manufacturers since I have no idea where most of my Fantasy lead came from.

    -- Jeff

    1. Jeff do not give the giant's departure a second thought.I will see him in good time.Take care of yourself,move your health forward and the rest will follow...
      very best wishes

  3. You call that a LEAD MOUNTAIN! I know some people who not even grade it as a foothill!

    Seriously, it is great to find things that you had 'lost', and no doubt they will inspire a new project or two ... or to put life into an old one!

    All the best,


  4. Well, the bard is definitely Ral Partha but unfortunately, I can't identify the other one as he's a bit out of focus.

    I love both the scythe chappie and Sir Moustache; both of whom I'd have in my collection like a shot :-)

  5. A lead pimple sir ;-) The knight is Citadel, peasant Hinchcliffe I think and the other 2 are Ral Partha (might say on the base). Look forward to seeing them painted.

  6. The enchantress is indeed a Ral Partha figure; I had one of the same back in the day!

  7. The knight is still available from Foundry as they have the moulds for this range: its in the Baron Wars range I think.

    Cheers, Ross