Saturday, 9 August 2014

A question of scale...and some plans

For some time now I have been collecting the splendid Nightfolk miniatures from Northumbrian tin soldiers ( ) which are a joy to see.They are filled with whimsy,quite beautifully designed and cast. I have yet put much paint to lead but am thinking of how to utilise them in my gaming.They are very large however-
As you can see they would not really fit in with my "old school" fantasy figures/project. So decision one is to run some fantasy solo gaming, as I have started about three posts ago, with old Ral Partha and similar sized figures.This will have a D&D wilderness adventure vibe ,I think ,at the moment.
However that leaves what to do with the growing collection of Nightfolk.I think the figures are fantastic and everything one could want in the way of a characterful range of figures.So the thinking cap was on again and two options have occurred-
1) To use Songs of Blades and Heroes as they have traits which would reflect the very individual nature of the Nightfolk.
2) To use the Nightfolk in rival warbands and also have human warbands using my Elastolin/Doug Miller renaissance figures.They will be be mercenaries and/or town nightwatch/militia.
In terms of scale I think the 40mm figures will work well.In an ideal world of money no object I might even have gone for 54mm humans.Anyway here is a comparison of a 40mm  human and Nightfolk-
 As ever your comments and suggestions are most welcome.


  1. They are suggestive of the work of Brian Froud. Nice figures there.

  2. They would look very good with 54mm, but might be a bit lost. I think 40mm would be best.

  3. I think they look like a good size next to the 40mm human.

  4. These are charming creatures, they look like they have stepped out of the pages of an old children's book. I think the Elastolin figure works quite well as an ordinary human and the 16th century works as an era to match the fantasy folk. Between old Elastolin, old Merten and Doug Miller and the Perry 40mm Border Reivers which are a similar build you should be able to add civilians as well as soldiers.