Wednesday 20 August 2014

Another picture etc

Thanks for your comments you left at my last post.The "close war" rules are most interesting and I will have a go at using them,with a few amendments - to cover matchlock and flintlock for example. By the way this project is not FIW in another scale.
 .Anyone care to guess what period they thing I might be going to game?
I am  posting another picture to show three figures which are not the same as those I have already photographed-
The figure on the bottom right is skulking- a clue to a book I am re reading in preparation for gaming.amending rules.


  1. Plains wars or King Phillips War?

  2. My guess if they are using matchlock, conquistadors, Pequot War, or King Phillips war.

  3. "A Skulking Way of War" suggests itself.

  4. I have no idea but that look useful. You could even pit them against some of the fantasy figures shown below and do a Vikings vs Skraelings (the Norse name for Indians) fight in Newfoundland.