Sunday, 17 August 2014


I'm down with fluy,coldy,throaty thing at present and have been most of the week-not to mention the ever tightening screw that is work. I've not felt like doing a lot this weekend but have been thinking...

I've been musing of late under the influence- of Heyde and Spenkuch that is!
I've been thinking of my German forebears in Kunzelsau in the last decades of the 19th Century.I've been thinking about the toy soldiers they would have possibly owned/played with.
Does anyone know of information about toy soldiers in per war Germany,I have Hans Roer's Speilfiguren and a reprint of a Heyde Catalogue of the period. I guess I am looking for background,availability relative price,influence etc- a sort of social history.
Finally does anyone know if Little Wars was played in pre war Germany at all or any parallel movement/rules of the time?


  1. Oh dear, I hope you are feeling better soon. Nice idea to get toys your ancestors might have played with.

  2. Or even ones of a similar style.I think that/reproduction will be more of an option financially for me.

  3. Tradgardmastare,

    I hope you feel better soon. The changeable weather seems to be making a lot of people susceptible to catching all sorts of viruses.

    All the best,


  4. I hope you feel better soon. Rest up, drink plenty of fluids.

  5. Sorry to hear your under the weather, hopefully it won't last too long. Regret that I know nothing of the subject you are pondering, but the internet is a wonderful thing and somewhere will be the answer. When I think back on the days I had to haunt the library and write countless letters (sae included) it seems a miracle I ever found out anything.