Monday, 18 August 2014

Old Toy Soldiers or picking up an old project & can you identify these?

I started this project last autumn when I was off work recovering from an op.I laid it aside and have thought about it on and off periodically. At the weekend I looked it out and completed a few figures from it.
They are 42mm Deutsche Homage figure from Irregular Miniatures.Not to everyone's taste I know but I do like Heyde/Haffner look of them.They are most definitely toy soldiers and that is the look I have gone for.They are an integral ,if not representative,part of one side.The others are moving forward on the paint bench,but will probably now have to wait until next weekend before being worked on.

Recently I have been on the look out for the opposition.I had thought of some more Irregular chaps but came across the figures below and bought them.They were waiting for me at home having arrived in the post today.They were just under £20 pounds,including postage, for around 25 of them-
I am pleased with these well played with figures.They are battered a little,different in scales with the bowmen kneeling being  smaller than the running and charging others-yet for me that just adds to the charm of this endeavour.Paint is flaking and I think I will restore/repaint them,trying to retain as much of the original paint as I can,They will make an excellent start to an opposition force. Can anyone shed light upon their age,manufacturer etc?There seem to be not marks on the bases as far as I can see. I am not interested really in their value but just want to find out more...


  1. What brilliant old figures , been looking at the Irregular figures and they have a certain charm - ideal for Don Featherstone's 'Close Wars' rules ?

  2. Do tell me more of the "Close Wars" rules as I don't think I know them...

  3. They are an appendix in "Wargames", meant for FIW style games.

    Natives move 9", troops in a group of three or less-9", larger groups-6",uphill is half speed, deduct 3" to cross a stream, bogs/marsh half speed or uncrossable, paths add 3".

    Firing range is 12", need a six to hit, five or six if firer is in cover and target is not. Saving throw of 4,5,6; 3 thru 6 if under cover.
    H-t-H: each man rolls one die, high score wins. Saving throw as for firing.
    Outnumbered, each man throws a die, the singleton hits any he beats and is hit by those who beat him. Saving throws.

    Charging from cover side gets +1 in melee. If sides meet in the open, straight die roll to see which side gets bonus.

    Morale: After melee, each side rolls one die, multiply score by number of men remaining. Lower score side moves directly backwards one move. 1,2 or 3 routing, 4,5, or 6 in good order.
    Flank or rear attack- attacker gets +1 in melee, defender -1 in melee (I modify it so the -1 is for rear attacks only). Also the morale dice are also modified +1/-1.

    That's it, basically. Featherstone recommends LOTS of terrain and paths.

  4. I do like your Deutsche Homage figure from Irregular Miniatures. Definitely "toy soldiers", and I think that promotes a good "toy soldier-ly" game.

  5. I think the figures you have are old home cast figures.

  6. Yes mostly Schneider homecasts and some others, I am away at the moment and my reply to your last post self destructed! Will email with more info when I get home.