Saturday 23 August 2014

Project placement

My new project as late summer becomes early autumn ( which I will endeavour to adhere to ) is to do some gaming set in the early ( initially)17th century in the settlements/colonies of the New World. It will be  (I hope) 40mm, toy soldier,Tin Brigadier,simple home adapted rules,fun,Close Wars,Deutsche Homage,gridded/ungridded  etc sort of inspired...

I cannot make up my mind whether I should host it on this current blog or neatly place it away thematically as many of you do on a period/game specific blog.There is indeed an attraction in a "one stop shop" for all my gaming but also I like the idea of  having a "New World" so to speak.What do you think?


  1. Tradgardmastare,

    I have tried the 'specialist' blog + general blog approach and found that I kept putting stuff on one that should have gone on the other or on both. I would suggest that you stick to a single blog if only to preserve your wargaming sanity!

    Whatever you choose to do, I will follow your progress with great interest.

    All the best,


  2. I must admit I find it easier only having one blog now .Cheers Tony

  3. If I were starting again I would keep to 1 blog. Labels help viewer look back for certain topics. My ancient blog now gets fewer posts in a year than the other does in a month. Hardly seems worthwhile but I hate to let it die.

  4. I'd keep to one blog. It's far easier to administer.

  5. As a viewer I'm with Ross Mac: one blog with good labels, please.

  6. One blog (to rule them all). Yeah, I know, I have 2. One started as an ImagiNations blog and the other was more a catalog of my fantasy/non-ImagiNations miniatures. Now the ImagiNations one gets very few posts as my interests have shifted back to fantasy and other stuff. I may get back to the ImagiNations stuff some day. I wouldn't go with a 3rd blog myself, say if I got going more on other projects, like VSF/NW Frontier/other. It ends up with some blogs sitting idle for months and even years.

  7. A very interesting early conflict to study is King Philip's War (1676-77). It's not "early" in the century, but it's one of the first real conflicts facing New England (which almost lost!), and is well covered in several recent works.

    Best regards,


  8. Managing a large number of blogs takes time, but does keep things separate - for long term projects.

    I Think it would be easier to keep it on one blog, with labels to help find stuff