Sunday 3 August 2014

Claymore and after...

We went to the Claymore Wargames Show yesterday in Edinburgh in the only day of torrential rain this week.A good mix of traders and games were on display.I enjoyed chats with a number of fellow bloggers and other wargaming folk.I purchased the following-
Still great reads after all these years and the April 1978 one contains an interesting article on fantasy gaming by Charles Grant. I also bought a solitary figure I found in a rummage box.It is the sort of figure that lends itself to the imagination being sparked off greatly,just calling out for a story to be woven round it.I will post a picture of him when he is finished...
Afterwards we went back for a game at Phil's- Republican Romans versus Celts.A most enjoyable game ended with a draw. In spite of the terrible weather Jan and the girls joined some of Phil's family for a most enjoyable bbq. The cooking was done under a gazebo and the rain lashed down around but is was a most enjoyable evening.


  1. A good day. I would very much like to read that Fantasy gaming article if you can send me a copy...any pictures in it?

  2. Ah, Battle! That takes me back. I got a bit annoyed when it was absorbed by Military Modelling back in the day. Good to know you all had a great day out.

  3. It sounds like it was a great show to go to. I just wish that I could get there easily.

    All the best,


  4. Good to see you on the day Alan, thanks for popping in.

    Jim (sore feet are much better today)

  5. Alan

    I have a good few of magazines of this generation coming up for sale soon.

    I'll probably take them to Targe.

    Can you say what sort of price they should be going for?


  6. Jim I have emailed you about this matter...

  7. Ah, back to proper Edinburgh weather, none of that touristy sun nonsense :P

    I loved the 54mm Napoleonic game at Claymore (must resist, must resist...)