Saturday, 30 August 2014

Skirmish in the Carpet Valley

Saturday afternoon and I managed to get in a  solo game.I wanted to try out The Tin Brigadier rules by Ross.  Here are the starting positions of Army Red/White and Army White-
(Don't forget to click on them  for a closer view)Army R/W is at the bottom of the picture.

Army R/W cyclists cycle past Book Hill towards the enemy in the woods...
Army W lancers charge Army R/W infantry and a fraught melee ensues.
An exchange of fire between dismounted cyclists and infantry near Fir Wood.
Army R/W infantry flee from the valley in disarray...
Army R/W infantry advance with a General in attendance...
A fierce battle in progress for Other Book Hill.
Both armies retreated to tend their wounded and honours were even. A most enjoyable skirmish and I will definitely use these rules again.Figures were 54mm  and by various manufacturers including Brtains and Dorset Soldiers.
Many thanks for your  helpful replies to my previous post about getting a youngster & his dad into the hobby.I am still mulling things over. Incidentally he seems to have really enjoyed studying the Tudors at school,especially Henry viii


  1. A classic set up - H.G. Wells would have been proud !

  2. Such a simple rule set giving an impressive game! I am fascinated - I will try that also soon.. Thanks for giving such inspiration!

  3. Definitely "Little Wars"-esque. Very nice. Looks and sounds like fun.

  4. Great looking game. The Assault Group do some very good Henrican figures, along with the king himself and a wonderful 'shrympe' artillery piece the younker may like.

  5. What delightful looking set up. I thought the lancers looked like Britain's but didn't recognize the rest. Love the Cyclists!

  6. Great game - real toy soldiers !

  7. Heroes on the hearthrug!, love it.