Saturday, 9 August 2014

Festival Friday

Jan and I were in Edinburgh yesterday.The City looked wonderful with restaurants etc spilling out onto the streets in the form of outdoor seating and dining.With the trams and crowds it could have any European city...
We were in to take an organised tour of the New Town gardens ( see this link for further info ) and began near the Scott monument having walked up from where we parked near the Botanics.
A newish garden behind Register house filled with lovely plants and interesting symbolism.
One of the Queen Street gardens.They are private gardens with keys needed to access them They are the gardens of the local residents of the streets that bound the garden.The Greek style temple was built in 1985 to cover a gas installation and looks great.It was a most enjoyable tour,we enjoyed talking with the others on it not to mention the guide herself.Do follow the link to read more and even book.I can recommend it highly.
Afterwards Jan and I had a most excellent lunch at the National Portrait Gallery ,did some wandering and shopping and got soaked walking back to the car in torrential rain not to mention thunder and lightening-a most enjoyable day out.
On our return two parcels awaited me- 24 Ancient British slingers and a large one containing three Nightfolk figures. As I return to work on Monday now is the time to plan priorities for projects, for painting and gaming (solo and otherwise) for the coming months...

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