Thursday 23 July 2020

Battle in the thaw part one

Somewhere in Tradgardland...

Thaw rules: any infantry crossing the  river will fall through the ice on a 1  and any cavalry crossing will fall  through the ice on a 1or 2. Dice to see if they survive the water, a 6 needed to do so.


  1. I hope that this thaw rule is as unpredictable and random as the crossing rivers bridge rule that I had in my 15mm ACW Peter Laing skirmish in the Hicksville valley:

    Crossing Rivers dice throw rule – throw the same number of d6 as there are troops who cross or are on the bridge. A dice score of 1 means that person has fallen into the river and is lost unless a further dice throw of a 6 is thrown as a casualty savings throw.

    This is justifiable due to the few numbers of people who learned to swim until modern times, fast waters, alligators and wild beasts as well as being dragged under by weight of clothing and the amount of heavy equipment they would carry.

  2. That's a nice little wrinkle for a game!

  3. Those are not good odds! Personally, I would stay off the ice :-)

    Regards, Chris.