Sunday 19 July 2020

What I am working on...

Spent some of today moving some figures forward-
Firstly some Albion desert infantry, from various manufacturers, for use with the Frankish foreign legion and Arab figures. Secondly some ancients - an Expeditionary Force Druid which will be a fine addition to my Celts and a legionary standard bearer ( thanks Tidders for these unexpected recruits) who with some Roman odds and ends will form a group of first century Romans ( survivors of a defeated army)  trying to get back to to their own troops. In other words a skirmish game with a little role playing element re skills etc.
Later in the day the post man arrived with some Frankish recruits-
In the form of AIP ww1 French. I am painting them up as 1930 Chasseurs a  pied to fight alongside my Chasseurs dAlpine to oppose the Duchy of Volare. In the background are some Roman damaged figures getting new shields and others converted to auxilia. I hope to get a little more done tomorrow.


  1. Lots of lovely figures - the WW1 chaps are very nice

    1. AIP have a larger feel to them which I think will go well with my Starlux chaps.

  2. Very nice Alan, the Romans are nice and as for Armies in Plastic I hear all the cool kids are into them!.

  3. Great work on interesting figures.

  4. I've picked up a few AIP sets because they look so fun. I figured with the simple details they'd be so quick and easy to paint - but there is so much surface area to paint - compared to the 28mm figures I'm used to - that I'm not sure I ever finished any!?