Monday, 13 July 2020

Interesting painting

I found this somewhere on the inter ether. I recognise the painter’s initials and think it must depict the Prussian army in the earlier Napoleonic period by the uniforms. They look to me like escaped Prussians by the uniforms. I am intrigued by the incident it depicts. Any one got any more information?
It is one of those pictures that sets the mind racing for a skirmish game...


  1. Intriguing , could they be early Russians ?

  2. Napoleonic era Prussian partisan's? Perhaps part of von Schill's 1809 uprising?

  3. I think they're the odd sort of "Freikorps" formed from the flotsam and jetsam fight a guerrilla war of sorts after the collapse of the Prussian army in 1806.

  4. That should be "fighting a guerrilla war"

  5. I think you might be onto something...

  6. Defeat of Prussia 1806/07.

    “Prussian soldiers escaped from French prison of war are trying to get back to their king (…). (Jan. 1807).

    Chromotype after Carl Röchling (1855–1914). From: Die Königin Luise in 50
    Bildern, Berlin (Paul Kittel) 1896.