Friday, 22 October 2021

More questions asked than answered

 Yesterday saw my usual guiding slot in Edinburgh. Again l was in rooms  around the first third of the seventeenth century . When there are no visitors the NT has kindly left a file of information and academic papers to read and enhance knowledge of the time. So yesterday l read part of a will of trader who imported high end goods from around the world. What however caught my eye was the gunpowder left as part of his estate. It led me to wonder what he used it for- hunting for the pot, personal protection, for him on board his trading ship going around England and North Europe?As he was a Burgess would he be involved in Trained Bands? Lots of questions about gunpowder owning at this period not to mention firearms in society. Any thoughts, do share.


  1. Interesting question.
    Odd to place a tapestry above a fireplace ...

  2. Beautiful pictures Alan! Is the bedroom ceiling painted, or are they tiles?

    1. The ceiling is painted and a beautiful sixteenth century addition to the property.

  3. I did not know what Trained Bands were until today, so thank you for creating a new question for me. Perhaps like some today he was 17th century doomsday prepper who wanted his posterity to be prepared? Ha!