Sunday, 17 October 2021

Wofun recruits

 Got some 28mm wofun figures from DC this week l had bought from him. They are enough for a aTable Top Battles imagination game set in the 18th Century. A heady mix of irregular Indian cavalry, hussars, dragoons ( mounted and on foot ) and other cavalry. I do think the figures are splendid and really well animated. Here is the game  I set up just after unpacking them.


  1. Nice! I haven't bought any of the side-on figures yet, though I'm very tempted by the Great Game collection with Pathans, Bengal Lancers, etc. These are from the same designer's Seven Years War collection?

  2. They have given them really interesting poses, as you say.
    Regards, James

    1. They are well animated and thought has been given to the poses, quite a few are not the usual cliched ones.

  3. Not too sure I like the side-om poses but I do like the whole Wofun idea and really must invest in some.

  4. Great fun, like a 1970s pressout picture or transfer book come to life, rugged and movable!

  5. Glad you liked them old chap!

    All the best,